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relaxation space

Source of Wellness

Do you want to relax in your own wellness resort?

All you need is to choose from the PRIVATE…

You can also enter the swimming pool and gym of the SANTA TERRA (when the residence is open) free of charge between 10 am and 8 pm + Swimming pool (alul) : Discover the swimming pool and gym of the residence (open during the winter and summer season)

10 AM & 8 PM

A unique experience

SPA Jacuzzi

Do you dream of the benefits of a hydromassage spa after a day on the slopes ? Find yourself with a glass of champagne and enjoy a moment of relaxation with a breathtaking view of the mountains of the area with our hot tub that offers mountain views.

A large sun terrace with whirlpool and fully equipped with table and sofa to spend the afternoon relaxing in the sun.

Dry Heat


Tired of your day, or just want to relax? Enjoy the many virtues of the Cap Crystal Lodge sauna and the benefits of its steam. The more you water the rocks, the more steam you generate.

The user manual ? You can enjoy without deductions! But here are our tips: get comfortable and relax. Do not stay more than 15 minutes. Take a warm or cold shower alternating hot / cold to tone the body. Sit comfortably in our armchairs for 10 to 15 minutes to regenerate your body. Then repeat these two to three steps to allow your body to fully enjoy the effects of the sauna.

Gentle heat


The gentle warmth of our Hammam will warm up your day. To produce the best effects on your body:

strengthening your immune system, increasing metabolism, reducing joint and muscle pain. A large sofa bed is available for you in the spa to relax
and enjoy a book between Hammam and shower.

Separate Gaming room

Gaming room

Booking a luxury ski holiday can be extremely difficult to balance everyone’s needs and wants, but one way to ensure that everybody has fun while staying in a luxury chalet is the gaming room. Our gaming room – located in the private SPA – has a table football, a giant TV with Nintendo access.

your work out place in the building

Swimming pool

Discover the swimming pool and gym of Santa Terra, Cap Crystal Lodge’s residence.